How We Work.

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Interoperable for the NHS

The Opto platform is interoperable with the DoS and NHS Spine & the Trust’s clinical system making the adoption in urgent & emergency care seamless.

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Clinically-validated triage

All health information and guidance in our triage system has been through a clinically governed and rigorous quality assurance review process.

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Our framework uses encryption to keep patients' details and interactions private. we are fully compliant with Data Protection & GDPR.

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We have partnered with the most reputable names in the business to ensure excellence in care for all patients.

Typical Patient Flow

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Patient arrives in the ED department and downloads the Opto app or uses the in-reception devices.

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Patient checks-in & carries out digital triage process. This will then provide a clinical priority score P1 - P5, injury or illness

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P1-P3 Illnesses stay in the ED, P1/P2 injuries stay in the ED/UTC - P1-2 illness patients stay in the ED - P3-5 injury go to co-located UTC, P4-5 illness to receive remote telemedicine consultation

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At this point the patient may choose to keep friends & family updated with our ‘In The Loop’ feature

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Whether patients are admitted or discharged, the will receive follow-up instructions or further appointments via our app. Discharge summaries are sent electronically to their GP.

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Patient receives in-person assistance and is admitted or discharged where required

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If a patient is streamed to a co-located UTC, we can assist in scheduling an appointment where they will be be given a virtual ticket

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Patient is advised to return home where they will have a telecommunication consultation booked with a clinician via our app.

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Patient has a video consultation with a clinician