Who we help.

Rejuvenating the Urgent & Emergency
care pathway

Opto keeps urgent and emergency care flowing with its intuitive digital triage, prioritising patients into P1-5 categories and redirecting P3-5 to the appropriate service.

Opto doesn't only stream patients to the right place, it is the only digital solution that manages the whole care pathway:

Access for patients anywhere; tablets onsite, app and online platforms for remote and home use

Urgent P1-P2 Patients are prioritised, reducing waiting times.

Non-urgent P3-P5 are auto streamed to the appropriate service.

Follow-up and aftercare for every patient, including keeping the patients GP in the loop with electronic discharge summaries.

We are rejuvenating the emergency care process. Improving the existing workforce’s efficiency by implementing a digital solution.

Innovative patient management
to alleviate pressure

Opto seamlessly integrates with clinical systems to triage patients, allowing the ED and UTC teams to attend to P1 and P2 patients quicker, with peace of mind that P3-5 patients are redirected safely to more appropriate care.

We interoperate with the DoS and NHS Spine as well as the Trusts clinical system, making adoption in emergency departments seamless and eliminating the need for staff to log into an additional platform.

Patients can access the Opto platform on-site via tablets or their own device to check-in and carry out a digital triage process and video consultations. Those patients directed to the digital waiting room for a video consultation will know where they are in the queue relieving pressure on the department by decompressing the waiting room.

Here to help as soon
as you enter the department

We understand the worry of needing urgent care; the anticipated waiting and wondering when youʼll be seen.

With Opto, whether you use it in hospital via tablets or at home via our app, you will be triaged within 4 minutes and we will direct you to the care that you need, you will always be given specific instruction as to the next steps.

Whatʼs more, weʼll update your family and loved ones for you with our In the Loop service.

If you have been offered a telemedicine consultation we can book that for you too so you can go/remain at home, safe in the knowledge that youʼll be seen by one of our clinicians the same day, without the worry of getting an appointment at your surgery.

Weʼll send any prescriptions direct to your elected pharmacy and also send you instructions for any follow up care you may need keeping your GP in the loop.